Engineering Prints

Print Media Options

We have a wide variety of print media options starting with the standard 20# Bond papers and ranging through heavier bond papers and on to tear resistant Tyvek, water resistant Xtreme & synthetic media and archival Mylar media.

Standard Bond Papers

Standard Blueprints

Bond papers are the standard printing paper for both wide format and report applications. We generally stock:

  • 20# White Engineering Bond
  • 20# Colored Bond in blue, yellow, pink & green
  • 24# Presentation Bond
  • 28# Presentation Bond
  • 32# Presentation Bond

The 20# white Bond is the least expensive paper and it is adequate for most blueprint and report applications. The colored variations may be used to delineate the different sections of a report or a large set of blueprints. The heavier and somewhat more expensive 234# and 28# bonds look brighter and are often used for the official copies of proposals while the heaviest 32# is often used for renderings.

Specialty Wide Format Papers

We also stock a variety of specialty wide format papers including:

  • 20# Bond with Repositionable Adhesive Back which is excellent for temporary wall displays s
  • 20# Translucent Vellum which is used for overlay or archival prints
  • Tyvek which is a synthetic, tear resistant and waterproof DuPont product.
  • Mylar which is another DuPont synthetic paper that is also quite durable — it comes in translucent or transparent varieties.

The Tyvek paper is weatherproof and washable and can be used for jobsite drawings, templates and banners that will last for the whole job.

Specialty Document Papers

We also stock a wide variety of additional papers for our digital printers. The most popular vartieties include:

  • 60# BriteHue text papers and matching 65# BriteHue cover papers.
  • 24# Classic writing papers and matching 80# cover papers
  • 28# & 32# Hammermill color copy papers and matching 80# & 100# cover papers.
  • 60# & 70# Cougar digital papers and matching 80# & 100# cover papers.

Special Needs

If you have a need for any other types of print media, please contact us — most likely, we can meet your needs.

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